Dowinx -6689- Light Grey

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【NEWLY-ARRIVED】: Extraordinary sitting experience guaranteed by our newly improved linkage armrest and the massage lumbar pillow with a fits-all USB port which helps a lot with easing back pain. 【EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A CHAIR】: High level mobility supported by a 360-degree swivel and ultra-smooth caster wheels; 90°-165° reclining for...

  • 【NEWLY-ARRIVED】: Extraordinary sitting experience guaranteed by our newly improved linkage armrest and the massage lumbar pillow with a fits-all USB port which helps a lot with easing back pain.
  • 【EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A CHAIR】: High level mobility supported by a 360-degree swivel and ultra-smooth caster wheels; 90°-165° reclining for working, gaming, reading or napping; 20° controllable rocking and retractable footrest for relaxing; Up to 350 lbs capacity, adjustable seat height, highly flexible head pillow and lumbar support.
  • 【FOR NOT ONLY GAMER】: The trustworthy wingback provides multi-contact for releasing your lumbar pressure while your spine is also well protected by the neck pillow. Plus, the retractable footrest and the re-designed soft wing frame further upgrade your sitting experience.
  • 【STURDY CONSTRUCTION & ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL】: Alloy frame covered in quality hand-sewing PU leather and 5 inches high density foam. Upgraded LANT gas cylinder and mechanism largely prolong the life expectancy of the chair.
  • 【INSTALLATION AND AFTER SELL SERVICES】Detail instruction manual included in the package. 24/7 customer services team all for shopping experience. One-month replacement services and 1 year parts quality warranty as promise.
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Braden M.
United States

Recliner chair 6 month use reveiw

It’s the best gaming chair I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing. One thing I’d like to see improved is the overall sturdiness, when I go to re-adjust my sitting position the arm rests move with the back of the chair… That aside you can use this chair as a bed!

Mark A.
United States United States


overall great chair

United States United States


Dude, this chair is out of this world. Even unboxing, I was astounded with the quality. I was able to assemble this bad boy in just under one hour (when I was anticipating it taking me all day) following the incredibly easy to follow instruction booklet. Upon retiring my old chair and sitting upon this luxuriant leather throne for the first time, I leaned back, threw the recliner back, kicked the leg rest out, plugged the vibrating lumbar pillow in, and experienced the closest damn thing to heaven this physical plane has ever seen. The ONLY complaint I have is that the reclining leg rest component is very rigid and hard to pull out / tuck away. Nothing a lil’ use and WD-40 can’t fix though. Although shipment arrived a day late, the package included everything needed to assemble (+ extras). Beyond stoked about this chair. When/if this one burns out, I’ll be getting me another one. Thanks so much, Dowinx!!!

mitchell h.
United States United States

Treat yourself and purchase this chair!

Absolutely beautiful chair! Purchased this(Dowinx LS-6689 Grey Gaming Chair) for my wife to replace an old "office" chair that she's been fumbling with for years! First off, this chair is beautiful(if thats even a "thing")? The padding is firm enough to support YET soft enough to be comfortable! Also, the fabric and stitching are TOP NOTCH! Lumber massage works nicely(however a little louder than expected) but that's ok! Took about 1/2hr to assemble(Manuel was good), everything went as planned with NO issues! Package arrived with no damage and the Individual pieces were packed cleanly and securely! A comfortable..... Aesthetically pleasing..... Quality built chair that I hope lasts for many years! To anyone that sits at a desk for 40+ hrs a week(altho you might not think so), do yourself a favor..... You NEED this!!!

John S.
United States United States

This is a Great Chair. Far better than most

Pros: First, I have to say that I am a retired Engineer and as such I am very picky about products and how they work, or in many cases, how they don’t work. This DOWINX gaming chair is the best chair (5 stars) I could find after researching over 40 chairs. It is comfortable, no wait, it is REALLY comfortable and very quiet with the exception noted in the Cons. I was trying out the reclining function and fell asleep in the chair after assembly. My wife woke me up an hour later; otherwise I would have slept through the night in the chair. The chair turns very easily and with one push and you could turn around more than 360 degrees without any noise or resistance. The wheels move the chair effortlessly on my carpeted floor. This model fully reclines 180 degrees to make it flat if you want and can be locked into any position between 90 and 180 degrees. It also has a rocking function which allows a 20 degree deviation from where you have the reclining set to. There is a tension control knob under the seat for the rocking function. The seat to ground distance is ~16 to 19 inches when you are seated. Add 1 inch if the chair is empty. It has a footrest which is stored under the seat that can be pulled out, flipped over, and extended for reclining or sleeping. Some people have complained about footrests breaking on other chairs. So long as you don’t put a lot of weight on it, I think it will serve its purpose. It is very useful when reclining or napping. There is detachable lumbar support (with massager) and a head pillow. The head pillow is the right size for me (I’m 5’10”) and offers some adjustment up/down, however there isn’t anything there to keep it in place. I don’t view this as a big problem since you can reach back and fix it easily. The lumbar support is thinner than most other chairs and works well, at least for me, until you recline past ~110 degrees, then it feels like it is too thick. It can be removed if you find it a problem. It does have a built-in massage function that runs off of a 5v USB source. The massager is noisy but not as loud as others. I didn’t find it as relaxing as I thought it might be, so I’m not using it right now. That may change. You’ll need about an hour to assemble this chair if you have put things together before and maybe another hour if this is your first assembly project. Although I assembled it alone, I could have benefited from another person’s help. Cons: With the rocking feature engaged, there are some noises at the limits of the 20 degree rocking motion. This is caused by the lever that adjusts the seat up/down. It moves when rocking and has metal to metal contact at the limits of the rocking function. If it bothers you, it can be fixed by placing a thin (1/8” or less) adhesive backed, rubber pad on the metal surfaces above and below the moving metal parts. The tools provided are not hardened steel and deform easily when tightening the screws. I will suggest you go buy some quality Metric Allen wrenches before assembly. You will need 5 and 6 mm sizes that are at least 2 inches long on each side. There is no good way to make sure that the metal rods of the footrest are parallel so they don’t bind. The best way is to anchor one screw on each plastic guide and test fit the footrest. If parallel, place some tape as a position marker; slide the footrest out; and install the other screws. When reclining, the seat back rises about 2.5 inches with relationship to the seat. Add the lumbar support and the 2.5” becomes 5+”. See the pictures. Everything is okay without the lumbar support. When you attach the chair back to the seat, put all of the screws in first but don’t tighten them yet. There are two brackets coming from the seat that will support the seat back. The top hole on one of these brackets is round and is the least adjustable. This is the anchor point for mounting the seat back, tighten this screw first and then the one below it. Other than the first hole, the other holes are elongated to allow for adjustment. When the first side has been tightened, notice the gap between the seat and bottom of the chair back. Place something in between there to keep the gap the same size from side to side. I used a book. Then tighten the remaining screws. This will ensure that your seat back isn’t leaning to one side. The instruction you get comes in the form of a small picture booklet. Most everything you need is there, but it could be improved. There is some Chinese English, but better than most. DOWINX should add information on the tension control, describing which direction does what. Adding a picture of how to properly put the lumbar support on (not a big problem) would also be good also. The packing materials smell. I think they put something in their packing to make sure no bugs survive the trip to the US. When you are done assembling open a window for a few hours.

Dowinx -6689- Light Grey
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