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Dowinx Affiliate Program

Join the Dowinx affiliate program now and start earning extra income with only the very tip of your finger!

What is the Dowinx Affiliate Program?

For content creators of all social media platforms, we offer decent rewards to you for placing our product link on your social media platforms. Every single purchase made by customers via the link brings you commission!

How to become a Dowinx Affiliate?

Sign up

Sign up

Fill up your information in the form below, we will assess your application as soon as we can.

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Place the product link

Place the product link

Insert our product link on your pages, make it as prominent as you can, as high level of visibility of the link helps a lot with converting the visitors into actual consumers. Additionally, our marketing team will provide professional help via statistics and targeting at highly potential consumers.
Follow-up marketing and re-marketing strategies will also be applied to achieve the best outcome.

Wait for our team to contact you

Wait for our team to contact you

Once you are shortlisted as a qualified candidate,the team shall contact you via email, by then it's also your chance to propose personal requirements (if you have) about the program.

Fill The Dowinx
Affiliate Application Now

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Confidentiality Laboratory will treat all information provided as confidential. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1How do I assess my qualification for the Affiliate program before I fill out the form?

Write to us and tell us how (which platforms) and where are you going to perform the program, and the team will reply you with the answer.

2Is ther any minimum requirements for the program?

We don't make specific requirements to how many followers you have, yet we do prefer influencers who actively create high quality content (as least with high resolution) and those who already owns a stable fan community, for live streamers, those with a clean facecam are prefered. Still, even if you are in a starting up stage of your influencer career, we’d also love to offer you the chance and wishfully, any help we could.

3How long will the assess process usaually take?

Usually, shortlisted candidate will be contatcted within 2 weeks. However, during peak seasons, the estimated time might up to 3-4weeks.

4Is there a discount for purchases made through my affiliate link?

No specific discount will be attached to your affiliate link, yet, we do offer other promotion discounts like holiday sale or seasonal sale from time to time, usually, during these period of time, the convertion rate increases largely.

5Can I get a unique discount code for my fans or people in my online community?

We only offer unique discount for influencers located in America due to technical restrictions, email us to discuss further details about the code.

6How will I receieve my commission?

You shall receieve your commission on a monthly basis via PayPal, currently, we do not offer other payment options such as bank transfer or pay-in-cash of affiliate commissions. Please do allow the system sometime till the commission shows up in your account.

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