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NEW ARRIVED DESIGN: Linkage armrest design gaming chair with USB cable power supply massager that can drive by a USB port on computer, car, power switch or even power bank. Best masseur for users who need to sit for a long time. FUNCTIONS ALL YOU NEED FOR A CHAIR: 360°...
  • NEW ARRIVED DESIGN: Linkage armrest design gaming chair with USB cable power supply massager that can drive by a USB port on computer, car, power switch or even power bank. Best masseur for users who need to sit for a long time.
  • FUNCTIONS ALL YOU NEED FOR A CHAIR: 360° swivel and smooth racing caster wheels for mobility; 90°-180° reclining for working, gaming, reading or napping; 20° controllable rocking and retractable footrest for relaxing; Adjustable seat height, 350 lbs capacity; head pillow and lumbar pillow for all body shapes.
  • FOR BOTH GAMER AND OFFICE WORKER: Winged back provides multi-point body contact to share the pressure, save your spine and lumbar with ergonomic back and massage support. Lean your legs more comfortable with bucket seat design, the side wings frame has been thinned and contains more soft filling.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION & ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Alloy frame covered in quality hand sewing PU leather and 5 inches high density foam for comfy. Upgraded LANT gas cylinder and mechanism ensure the use age of the chair.
  • INSTALLATION AND AFTER SELL SERVICES: Detail instruction manual included in the package. 24/7 customer services team all for shopping experience. One-month replacement services and 1 year parts quality warranty as promise.
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Treat it with care and it will last longer for you, does not seem to be built for abuse

Are use this chair for both schoolwork at my desk and gaming. I have had it for three months now the quality seems to be holding up as far as material goes. I do advise to go over the chair once a month or so with an Allen key to tighten the screws because pieces do loosen up. I do sit in this chair often so it may not occur And the same interval as others.

Andrew K.
United States United States

GREAT chair, GREAT price!

First and foremost, I was skeptical at best. I have a disc injury that I’ve had to live with for five years now. That means any time spent gaming or at my desk for any extended period ended in agony. Office chairs were super hard to find that would offer relief or comfort, and forget durability without spending an arm and a leg. However, I loved the look of these chairs. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money in case I ended up miserable, nor did I want the cheapest out there. I’m 6’2” and around 250 lbs. Let me just say, this is PERFECT for me. I can sit at my desk for hours without pain or numbness in my legs. The key is finding the sweet spot - for YOU. There’s a reason these chairs tilt a full 180 degrees. Spend some time while you’re getting familiar with it to find where it feels right. Are they perfect? No. It’s not a $500 chair. The gas shock makes a lot of noise when leaning back and there is a grinding sound sometimes when tilting. Nothing deserving a deduction in stars. What they are, though, is a GREAT middle of the road option when you don’t want the cheapest built, or the most expensive. I think this chair will last me for a long time, and I am going to buy at least five more for the office. I just need to try their other styles out first to decide on which one works best for my coworkers. All in all, great value, great quality. For the money, you can not be disappointed.

United States United States

Really nice looking and comfortable chair

Pros: - Seat Cushion is nicely padded. - Chair is fairly stable and comfortable. - Looks really slick. (I got the Grey/Black) - Chair reclines nicely and is comfortable. - The Lumbar support has a nice massage function. The Eh's: (not really con's in my book but things to note) - If you don't use the Lumbar cushion, then the seat is very deep so if you have short legs this chair is not for you. - The lock on the chair mount is not tight and there is a wiggle when you lock the chair so it doesn't lean back. This can make it a little fun if you recline the chair all the way to the lying position. If you are not careful you might find yourself doing some fun acrobatics. - The arm rests feel a bit high. I think it would have been nice if they lowered them an inch or two. - The massage function on the Lumbar support has no switch so you need to unplug it in order to turn it off. It can run off one of those rechargeable portable battery chargers that you can use to charge your phone which is nice, but I worry that it will be too easy to lose the USB cord for the lumbar support, I just got it and finished assembling this chair and I really like it. The assembly was fairly easy and straight forward. The only problem that I ran into was the bars on the foot rest. The bars flexed a little where the attached to the foot rest cushion and that made it a little funky getting them into the guides, but it wasn't anything too bad. Attaching the back to the seat is a little funky if you do it yourself. But overall I give the chair a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

United States United States

Very nice quality chair that is comforable with good fetures.

Really only a couple little things for the 4 star rating. One being the supplied Allen Wrenches. The fit to the bolts is a little sloppy. Not horrible but the wrench will slip and can mess up the bolt or you can strike your hand on part of the chair while tightening. I have another of these chairs on the way for my wife and I will use my own better quality Allen Wrenches on that one. The other little thing that needs to be addressed is the bolt used to hold the plastic covers over the arm rests. I added a washer to each one just to be sure the bolt head would not pull through the provided hole in the cover. Things to consider. Watch the installation video on the Dowinx site because they do a couple helpful things with the parts and shipping box that will aid in putting the chair together when doing it alone as I did. Another thing I have grown used to doing is running the bolts into their holes then backing them out BEFORE trying to assemble things. This will clean the threads and assure you they fit correctly and wont cross thread putting stuff together. Fresh out of the box I am real impressed with this chair and the packaging was good. First time I sat in it I knew this was going to be great for working at my desk all day. All in all it is not difficult to build just have to take a little time and do the little things to be sure parts are going together correctly. I am not disappointed that I bought this chair and I am sure you wont be either.

Bill a.
United States United States

A purchase you won't regret

Purchased this for the husband (gaming and sculpting). He is 5'11" and 308 lbs. After talking to Dowinx and reading reviews, I decided this was the one for him. He loves the steel frame and higher arm rests. The seat (from back to front) is long and he finds that very comfortable. Because of his size, he didn't add the lumbar pillow (I put it on my chair and LOVE the massage, his loss). I will be purchasing one for me and our son in the future. I highly recommend this chair and their customer service is top notch. The husband said it was easy to assemble and he finds it comfortable for gaming. Our entertainment center appreciates the footrest! You won't regret this purchase.

Dowinx -6688- Black&Gray
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